Bicentennial - 1976



Smooth and feature-less, except for the engraving on the cap.



Availability (model #)

Fountain pen (#579-100) and felt-tip

Edition size

10,000 fountain pens


FP, FT, or BP - $100 in wooden box
FP and RB - $350 in solid pewter box


Cherrywood package: National Geographic, unknown publication
Pewter package: Unknown publication


This limited edition was made to commemorate the 200th year of the declaration of US independence. It was made out of pewter, a material commonly used for household items during the colonial years. Furthermore, Parker acquired some wood from timbers certified and authenticated as having been taken from Independence Hall when it was restored in 1897. This wood chip, cut as a circle, is placed on the cap tassie. Also, the odd-shaped clip with the ball at its end, is unlike any other Parker clip and reminiscent of a bell clapper.

It was packaged in two different forms. One was a handsome cherrywood box while the other was a pewter box with two hinged doors/covers which was a replica of a colonial writing stand.  There was also a desk set containing a ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil though it was in the slim Classic version.

 Here are the materials Parker dealers got on these variants.  You may click on either to get full-sized versions of these materials with legible text.  Be patient as they are each about 200 Kbytes in size and may take a while to display.


A few interesting things to note about this limited edition item.


Update of May 22, 2002

Here are pictures of the raw pewter casting for the cap and barrel.




Update of December 31, 2002

More Parker photos of this pen and package.  You may click each one to get full-sized versions of these pictures with legible text.  Be patient as they are each about 200 Kbytes in size and may take a while to display.


Notice in the above, the serial number and edition size is placed around the cap band area.  In production Parker relocated this information to a line under "Philadelphia - 1776".  Thus this photograph was made using a pre-production pen.





Update of December 14, 2003

Here is another Parker PR photo of the pewter writing stand or standish.

Update of 10-14-2008

This brass plaque with the Declaration of Indepedence was found in the possession of a retired Parker employee, who was very involved with the 75.  It is approximately 3x3 inches square and has the self-adhesive backing like the square wood fragment (see brochure with the pewter packaging) so it was intended to be affixed onto the box.  

Which box was to get this plaque?  That is a good question whose answer I do not know.  Also, why did Parker not include this with the Bicentennial 75 package?

If you know, please email me.