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Item # S040123-02

Description: Set of all Premier models sold in the US, except solid 18K gold

Prices: FP - $1000

Your choice of any available exotic French 18K nib with section, most readily available are:

#77 fine left (handed) oblique
#78 medium left (handed) oblique
#79 broad left (handed) oblique
#80 needle
#85 extra broad
#92 XXB right (handed) oblique
#93 medium left (handed) oblique
#97 broad left (handed) oblique
#98 fine stub/italic

Slide piston converter is included.

Prices are discounted off the sum of individual prices!


For the ultimate collector, here assembled conveniently as one complete set are all the non-gold Premier pens sold in the US.  Only the solid 18K model is missing.  (Please note that outside the US there were two additional models: the solid 9K gold and silverplated Grain d'Orge.)

This set includes the following 5 pieces: 

  1. Sterling silver grid

  2. 22K Goldplated Grain d'Orge

  3. Chinese Laque

  4. Noir

  5. Striped gold and black laque Athenes


Available as a rollerball or as FP with your choice of any available exotic French 18K nib with section.  

Please note that there are two different rollerball sections, with one sporting the engraved lines and has goldplating over the edge, while the other does not.  Both are triangular gripping areas with two lined teardrop shaped areas.

Shows the grooved area.
Shows the flat area.


Also note that these pens all have the FP barrel, which means that it is missing a plug for proper use as a rollerball.  Without this plug the RB refill will be loose in the barrel, and is unusable.  I have seen examples of how others resolve this, and in one case one person shoved gum down the barrel.  Yuk!  

My solution is to use a wooden dowel (a.k.a. toothpick) or plastic coffee stirrer that is cut to the proper length to act as a shim.  Since this is easily removable, you can always convert the Premier from RB to FP use, and back again.  If this fix is not acceptable to you, please do not order the RB. 


All these pens are new old stock, sold as pens only.  There are no packaging materials or original papers.


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